Do you want to learn how to put moving text in story viewer? Then, we show you the steps you must follow to do so.

Instagram Stories allow us to use a large number of tools to unleash our creativity. And one of the possibilities that it has had for some time is to animate the text that we introduce in our story. But the reality is that it is a little-known function. If you are wondering how to put moving text in Instagram Stories, the reality is that it is a very simple process that you can do without difficulty.

Instagram warned of the possibility of adding moving text through its Twitter account last February. To get it, you just have to write a text with the story editor. Then press the scrolling text button, made up of a letter A and some horizontal lines. At that moment, your text will start to have movement.


Each of the fonts that we can add to Instagram Stories has its own animation. This animation cannot be changed. Therefore, if you want to add a specific effect, you will have to see what font is the one that animates in the way you like. The animations are the same ones we find when adding song lyrics to our stories.


Although, as you have seen, animating a text is a very simple process, you may not know where the button is, and you may wonder where I find the animated text in Instagram Stories. The button to animate the text won't appear until you start typing, so you won't find it on the empty screen. But once you have written, at the top, you can find the icon that you have to press for the animation to take place.


At the bottom, you can find the different fonts that, as we have previously indicated, will imply changes in the different animations that we can find in the text. Both things can be modified easily.

Once you have your text prepared and animated, you will simply have to publish the story just like you would any other text.


An option that is also very interesting and that many do not know is how to set text on Instagram Stories. This allows the text you write to be attached to an element of your story, even if it is a moving video.


To do this, you just have to select the text in question and, once placed on the image, keep it pressed for a few seconds. A timeline will appear below for you to choose which of the elements of your video you want to be fixed to.

Once we have selected it, both elements will always be linked, even if one of them is moving within a video. This is a function that makes quite a striking effect. And, being a bit hidden, it is an option that not too many people know about, so it will attract even more attention from your followers. Including a text attached to one of its elements and a moving text with animation in a story can make it different from what we usually find on the social network, helping you to become an influencer.


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